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Tamara Comolli

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Tamara Comolli likes to do everything herself: she designs the jewellery and chooses the colour stones. She's even a model for images in advertisements and in their catalogue. She gets her inspiration from the many trips she makes, nature or fashion.

She often uses the same colours. Furthermore, she mixes the use of both conventional as unconventional and rare colour stones such as Ocean Jasper which is only available in the north of Madagascar. 

Tamara Comolli offers 15 different collections with inspiring names like Hippie Glam, Leather Loop, Roulette or Curriculum Vitae. The Curriculum Vitae collection is known because of the attractive rings with a rotating centre part. Ideal to dream away right? 

India Small Tamara Comolli India Small € 490 Mikado Bouquet Tamara Comolli Mikado Bouquet € 1.550 Bouton large Tamara Comolli Bouton large € 2.390 Signature Drop large Tamara Comolli Signature Drop large € 2.490 Chains Belchor Chain ovaal Tamara Comolli Chains Belchor Chain ovaal € 1.990 Mikado Bouquet Tamara Comolli Mikado Bouquet € 1.290 Signature Drop pave large Tamara Comolli Signature Drop pave large € 3.690 Hippie Glam Ocean Jasper Tamara Comolli Hippie Glam Ocean Jasper € 13.990

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