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Marco Bicego is a colourful, Italian designer. He gains inspiration from his Venetian roots. His jewellery stands for Italian quality. He always uses 18 carat gold. The brand combines old traditions with contemporary design and distinguishes itself with unique jewellery that is characterised by imperfect forms and craft work. Sparkling diamond jewellery or just an overwhelming amount of colour: collections as Murano, Africa, Goa, Jaipur, Paradise, Confetti and Marrakech bring exotic places around the world to life in fantastical and creative jewellery.

Collier Jaipur Marco Bicego Collier Jaipur € 2.420 Oorknoppen Jaipur Marco Bicego Oorknoppen Jaipur € 490 Ring Jaipur Marco Bicego Ring Jaipur € 465 Ring Jaipur Marco Bicego Ring Jaipur € 1.960 Armband Africa Marco Bicego Armband Africa € 1.930 Collier Africa Marco Bicego Collier Africa € 3.440 Oorhangers Africa aflopend Marco Bicego Oorhangers Africa aflopend € 1.920

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