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Italian elegance and feminine design always form the basis of Mattioli's jewellery collections. The company and the design of the jewellery is owned by Licia Mattioli, who along with her father, bought the Antica Ditta Marchisio in 1995 which is one of the oldest jewellery workshops of Turin.
Licia, trained as a lawyer, but an entrepreneur at heart, brought a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes into the jewellery collection. The artisanal finished jewellery Mattioli produces, still finds its origins in the famous goldsmith tradition of Turin. The entire process, from the melting gold to placement of the gems, is done in-house. Mattioli is one of the most innovative jewellery brands from Italy, both in production and design.

Collier Puzzle parelmoer Mattioli Collier Puzzle parelmoer € 2.580 Ring Tibet Mattioli Ring Tibet € 4.950 Ring Maldamore gekruiste banen pave Mattioli Ring Maldamore gekruiste banen pave € 3.790 Spang Armband Maldamore banen pave Mattioli Spang Armband Maldamore banen pave € 14.300

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