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Maison Cartier has led many revolutions within the watch industry.
These revolutions have led to icons such as the Tank, Tank Américain, Tank Francaise, Tank Anglaise, Santos 100 and the Calibre de Cartier (diver). Schaap en Citroen has been recognised as Haute Horlogerie dealer of this now praised manufactory.

Horloge Croisiere 42mm Cartier Horloge Croisiere 42mm € 4.250 Croisiere 42mm Cartier Croisiere 42mm € 4.250 Horloge Santos 100 LM Cartier Horloge Santos 100 LM € 9.750 Horloge Calibre 42mm Diver Cartier Horloge Calibre 42mm Diver € 9.100 Horloge Calibre 38mm Cartier Horloge Calibre 38mm € 6.500 Horloge Calibre 42mm Chronograph Cartier Horloge Calibre 42mm Chronograph € 16.000

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